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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Baseball clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Fitzroy Baseball Club, Fitzroy 3065
Contact: Ingar Kirkland
Mobile: 0438535178
Email Fitzroy Baseball Club
Falcons Baseball Club, Bendigo 3550
Contact: Terry Smith
Phone: 0054434314
Email Falcons Baseball Club
Footscray Baseball Club, Footscray 3011
Contact: Lynn Fraser
Mobile: 0433783732
Email Footscray Baseball Club
Forest Hill Baseball Club, Forest Hill 3131
Contact: Dorothy Campbell
Phone: 0098774131
Email Forest Hill Baseball Club
Frankston Baseball Club, Frankston 3199
Contact: Tim Hanson
Mobile: 0413155559
Email Frankston Baseball Club
Essendon Baseball Club, Essendon 3040
Contact: Julie Jones
Mobile: 0408170695
Email Essendon Baseball Club
Echuca-Moama Rebels Baseball Club, Echuca 3564
Contact: Michelle McCartney
Mobile: 0429826185
Email Echuca-Moama Rebels Baseball Club
Diamond Creek Baseball Club, Diamond Creek 3089
Contact: Brenton Smyth
Mobile: 0408290056
Email Diamond Creek Baseball Club
Dingley Baseball Club, Dingley 3172
Contact: Chris Mayne
Mobile: 0409179269
Email Dingley Baseball Club
Doncaster Baseball Club, Doncaster 3108
Contact: Dale McGrath
Mobile: 0408564866
Email Doncaster Baseball Club
Eagles Baseball Club, Mildura 3500
Contact: Anne-Maree Hards
Mobile: 0428507531
Email Eagles Baseball Club
Geelong Baseball Club, Geelong 3220
Contact: Leanne Gibbons
Mobile: 0408510914
Email Geelong Baseball Club
Glen Iris Baseball Club, Geelong 3220
Contact: Stephen Gerwing
Mobile: 0417520525
Email Glen Iris Baseball Club
Lavington Panthers Baseball Club, Lavington Panthers 2640
Contact: Michelle Kaye
Mobile: 0417416002
Email Lavington Panthers Baseball Club
Latrobe Uni Baseball Club, Bundoora 3083
Contact: Barbara Wood
Mobile: 0439658641
Email Latrobe Uni Baseball Club
Malvern Baseball Club, Malvern 3144
Contact: Stuart Willemsen
Mobile: 0412704431
Email Malvern Baseball Club
Melbourne Baseball Club, Box Hill 3128
Contact: Andrew Williams
Phone: 9898 9022 Mobile: 0411311897
Email Melbourne Baseball Club
Melbourne Uni Baseball Club, Melbourne Uni 3000
Contact: Vibeke Pederson
Mobile: 0419871831
Email Melbourne Uni Baseball Club
Lara Baseball Club, Lara 3212
Contact: Ken Verity
Mobile: 0432291637
Email Lara Baseball Club
Knox Baseball Club, Knox 3180
Contact: Robert Leary
Phone: 0097535013
Email Knox Baseball Club
GMBC Baseball Club, Greensborough 3088
Contact: Wayne Roberts
Phone: 0094385984
Email GMBC Baseball Club
Greensborough Baseball Club, Greensborough 3088
Contact: Melinda Hargreaves
Mobile: 0409211080
Email Greensborough Baseball Club
Guild Baseball Club, Grovedale 3216
Contact: Rob Barnes
Phone: 0052614387
Email Guild Baseball Club
Heathmont Baseball Club, Heathmont 3135
Contact: Mark Le Grew
Mobile: 0400683878
Email Heathmont Baseball Club
Deakin Baseball Club, Deakin 3217
Contact: Craig Abbey
Mobile: 0418525661
Email Deakin Baseball Club
Dandenong Baseball Club, Dandenong 3175
Contact: Don Poole
Mobile: 0406624495
Email Dandenong Baseball Club
Bellarine Baseball Club, Bellarine 3221
Contact: Jackie Stott
Phone: 0052531615
Email Bellarine Baseball Club
Ballarat City Baseball Club, Ballarat City 3350
Contact: Rob Goon
Mobile: 0408519731
Email Ballarat City Baseball Club
Benalla Bandits Baseball Club, Benalla Bandits 3672
Contact: Kevin Waters
Mobile: 0428751721
Email Benalla Bandits Baseball Club
Bendigo East Baseball Club, Bendigo East 3550
Contact: Greg Evans
Phone: 0054498354
Email Bendigo East Baseball Club
Berwick City Baseball Club, Berwick City 3806
Contact: Paul Quinn
Mobile: 0438187775
Email Berwick City Baseball Club
Bacchus Marsh Baseball Club, Bacchus Marsh 3340
Contact: Karren Wallace
Phone: 03 5367 4609 Mobile: 03 5367 5236
Email Bacchus Marsh Baseball Club
Alfredton Baseball Club, Alfredton 3350
Contact: Peter Oates
Mobile: 0408342300
Email Alfredton Baseball Club
Holroyd Giants Junior Baseball Club, Guildford West 2161
Contact: Stephen Ihnativ
Phone: 0412 795 103
Email Holroyd Giants Junior Baseball Club
Mustangs Baseball, Bass Hill 2197
Contact: George Johnstone
Phone: 0404 448 230
Email Mustangs Baseball
Mingara Rebels Baseball Club, Tumbi Umbi 2261
Contact: Craig Booth
Phone: 0438288674
Email Mingara Rebels Baseball Club
Adelaide Aces Baseball Club, Adelaide 5162
Contact: Mal Sporne
Phone: 043 779 8168
Email Adelaide Aces Baseball Club
Berwick Dodgers Baseball Club, Berwick Dodgers 3806
Contact: Simone Wearne

Email Berwick Dodgers Baseball Club
Blackburn Baseball Club, Blackburn 3130
Contact: Neal Woolard
Mobile: 0417163334
Email Blackburn Baseball Club
Churchill Baseball Club, Churchill 3842
Contact: Ross Cooen
Phone: 0051343365
Email Churchill Baseball Club
Colac Baseball Club, Colac 3250
Contact: Mark Billing
Mobile: 0417502400
Email Colac Baseball Club
Corio Baseball Club, Corio 3214
Contact: Bordie Rowe
Mobile: 0415228960
Email Corio Baseball Club
Croydon Baseball Club, Croydon 3136
Contact: Julian Powell
Mobile: 0400598463
Email Croydon Baseball Club
Cheltenham Baseball Club, Cheltenham 3192
Contact: Kathy Whiteside
Mobile: 0414489029
Email Cheltenham Baseball Club
Chelsea Baseball Club, Chelsea 3196
Contact: Trevor Johansen
Mobile: 0417552845
Email Chelsea Baseball Club
BLS Bendigo Bushrangers Baseball Club, Bendigo 3550
Contact: Lynda Davies
Mobile: 0429809095
Email BLS Bendigo Bushrangers Baseball Club
Bonbeach Baseball Club, Bonbeach 3196
Contact: Danielle Jensen
Mobile: 0412111785
Email Bonbeach Baseball Club
Boneo Baseball Club, Boneo 3939
Contact: Shirley Callaway
Phone: 0059867479
Email Boneo Baseball Club
Bundoora Baseball Club, Bundoora 3083
Contact: Kirsty Davis
Mobile: 0415561443
Email Bundoora Baseball Club
Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club, Bray Park 4500
Contact: Marie Tyler
Phone: 0412858066
Email Pine Rivers Rapids Baseball Club

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