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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Baseball clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Strathfieldsaye Dodgers Baseball Club, Strathfieldsaye Dodgers 3551
Contact: Chris Pollard
Mobile: 0419375522
Email Strathfieldsaye Dodgers Baseball Club
St. Kilda Baseball Club, St. Kilda 3182

Sunshine Baseball Club, Sunshine 3020
Contact: Mike Ashburn
Mobile: 0425843644
Email Sunshine Baseball Club
Traralgon Baseball Club, Traralgon 3844
Contact: Luke Hornstra
Mobile: 0407649255
Email Traralgon Baseball Club
Tyabb Baseball Club, Tyabb 3913
Contact: Carol Simpson
Mobile: 0410480520
Email Tyabb Baseball Club
SS & A Eagles Baseball Club, Albury 2640
Contact: Leanne Wilton
Mobile: 0418960851
Email SS & A Eagles Baseball Club
Springvale Baseball Club, Springvale 3171
Contact: Daryl Rosewall
Phone: 0097925379
Email Springvale Baseball Club
Sandringham Baseball Club, Sandringham 3191
Contact: Matthew Taylor
Mobile: 0408783954
Email Sandringham Baseball Club
Scots Baseball Club, Maiden Gully 3551
Contact: Pam Dawkins
Phone: 0054461771
Email Scots Baseball Club
Shepparton Colts Baseball Club, Shepparton Colts 3630
Contact: Julie Williams
Mobile: 0418179273
Email Shepparton Colts Baseball Club
Shepparton Patriots Baseball Club, Shepparton Patriots 3630
Contact: Darren Arnold
Mobile: 0409412065
Email Shepparton Patriots Baseball Club
Upwey Ferntree Gully Baseball Club, Upwey Ferntree Gully 3158
Contact: Denis Dal-Zotto
Mobile: 0418387694
Email Upwey Ferntree Gully Baseball Club
Wanderers Baseball Club, Mildura 3500
Contact: Nick Carroll
Phone: 0050236864
Email Wanderers Baseball Club
Liverpool Angels Baseball Club, West Hoxton 2171
Contact: Gino Iuliano
Phone: 0415 942 714
Email Liverpool Angels Baseball Club
Wodonga Warriors Baseball Club, Wodonga Warriors 3689
Contact: Louise Smith
Mobile: 0401067669
Email Wodonga Warriors Baseball Club
North Sydney Leagues Junior Baseball, Willoughby 2068
Contact: Vivienne Hughes
Phone: 0408 298 321
Email North Sydney Leagues Junior Baseball
Masters Baseball League of WA Inc., Welshpool 6986
Contact: Bill Sinclair
Phone: 08-9458 5469
Email Masters Baseball League of WA Inc.
Ballarat City Brewers, Ballarat 3350
Contact: Leigh Ashmore
Phone: 0401897328
Email Ballarat City Brewers
Williamstown Baseball Club, Williamstown 3016
Contact: Glen Hardy
Mobile: 0438161977
Email Williamstown Baseball Club
Westgarth Baseball Club, Bundoora 3083
Contact: Richard Legge
Phone: 0094594936
Email Westgarth Baseball Club
Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club, Wangaratta Rangers 3676
Contact: Julie Handcock
Mobile: 0427279466
Email Wangaratta Rangers Baseball Club
Watsonia Baseball Club, Watsonia 3087
Contact: Debra Bannon
Mobile: 0412634409
Email Watsonia Baseball Club
Waverley Baseball Club, Glen Waverley 3150
Contact: Robyn Karlsen
Mobile: 0421177158
Email Waverley Baseball Club
Werribee Baseball Club, Werribee 3030
Contact: Steve Smith
Mobile: 0409199433
Email Werribee Baseball Club
Sale Baseball Club, Sale 3850
Contact: Colin Adams
Phone: 0051443796
Email Sale Baseball Club
Saints Baseball Club, Grovedale 3216
Contact: Phil Northfield
Mobile: 0409381528
Email Saints Baseball Club
Mounties YC Baseball Club, Geelong 3220
Contact: Terrye Cox
Mobile: 0409316115
Email Mounties YC Baseball Club
Morwell Baseball Club, Morwell 3840
Contact: Rob Moffatt
Mobile: 0411126697
Email Morwell Baseball Club
Mulgrave Baseball Club, Mulgrave 3170

Newport Baseball Club, Newport 3015
Contact: Kaylene Pengelly
Mobile: 0414486204
Email Newport Baseball Club
North Albury Bears Baseball Club, Albury 2640
Contact: Stephanie Simmons
Mobile: 0407068459
Email North Albury Bears Baseball Club
Mornington Baseball Club, Mornington 3931
Contact: Michael Stanley
Mobile: 0419045665
Email Mornington Baseball Club
Mooroopna Monarchs Baseball Club, Mooroopna 3616
Contact: Jamie Gilbert
Mobile: 0419522844
Email Mooroopna Monarchs Baseball Club
Mitchell Majors Baseball Club, Broadford 3658
Contact: Phil Minnitt
Mobile: 0419154047
Email Mitchell Majors Baseball Club
Moe/Newborough Baseball Club, Newborough 3835
Contact: Tania Bloomfield
Mobile: 0409938356
Email Moe/Newborough Baseball Club
Monash University Baseball Club, Monash University 3800
Contact: Benedict Chiu
Mobile: 0403800868
Email Monash University Baseball Club
Moorabbin Baseball Club, Moorabbin 3189
Contact: Evan Williams
Mobile: 0419871292
Email Moorabbin Baseball Club
North Balwyn Baseball Club, Balwyn 3103
Contact: Matthew Houlden
Mobile: 0413372356
Email North Balwyn Baseball Club
Northcote Lions Baseball Club, Northcote 3070
Contact: Clive Foskett
Phone: 0094804946
Email Northcote Lions Baseball Club
Preston Baseball Club, Preston 3072
Contact: Alex Djorgonoski
Mobile: 0411701122
Email Preston Baseball Club
Research Baseball Club, Research 3095
Contact: Stephen Pearce
Phone: 0094357953
Email Research Baseball Club
Reservoir Baseball Club, Reservoir 3073
Contact: Cameron Ross
Phone: 0097405486
Email Reservoir Baseball Club
RMIT Baseball Club, Parkville 3052
Contact: Poppy Bouhalis
Mobile: 0407365354
Email RMIT Baseball Club
Port Melbourne Baseball Club, Port Melbourne 3000
Contact: Sarah Morris
Mobile: 0408517867
Email Port Melbourne Baseball Club
Porepunkah Panthers Baseball Club, Porepunkah Panthers 3740
Contact: James Rogers
Phone: 0057751625
Email Porepunkah Panthers Baseball Club
Oakleigh Baseball Club, Oakleigh 3166
Contact: Nick O'Connell
Mobile: 0409075909
Email Oakleigh Baseball Club
Ormond/Glenhuntly Baseball Club, Ormond/Glenhuntly 3204
Contact: Emmanuel Lygris
Mobile: 0412021995
Email Ormond/Glenhuntly Baseball Club
Pakenham Baseball Club, Pakenham 3810
Contact: Rob Printz
Mobile: 0413659033
Email Pakenham Baseball Club
Panton Hill Baseball Club, Panton Hill 3759
Contact: Greg Sullivan
Mobile: 0418319264
Email Panton Hill Baseball Club
Melton Baseball Club, Melton 3337
Contact: Sarah Beckett
Mobile: 0401815928
Email Melton Baseball Club

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