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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Boxing clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

CMA Martial Arts, Cambelltown 2560, 2500
Contact: Michael Scott
Phone: 0412385089
Email CMA Martial Arts
Ballarat Boxing Club, Ballarat 3350
Contact: Paul O'Brien
Phone: 0053313346 Mobile: 0416077318
Barwon Heads Boxing Club, Barwon Heads 3227
Contact: Craig Beeby
Phone: 0052541553
Blackburn Boxing Club, Blackburn 3130
Contact: Murray Thompson
Phone: 0098777344
Bairnsdale Boxing Club, Bairnsdale 3875
Contact: Rohan Tomkins
Phone: 0050427500
Bendigo Boxing Club, Bendigo 3550
Contact: Scott Hosking
Mobile: 0422160293
Ardeer Boxing Club, Ardeer 3022
Contact: John Iannou
Phone: 0093604535
Belmore PCYC Boxing, Belmore 2192
Contact: Lisa McPherson
Phone: 0297594934
Email Belmore PCYC Boxing
Maryborough Amatuer Boxing & Fitness Club, Maryborough 4650
Contact: Rob Fowler
Phone: 0741230605 Mobile: 0400782744
Email Maryborough Amatuer Boxing & Fitness Club
Airport West Boxing Club, Tullamarine 3043
Contact: Joe Demarcoli
Mobile: 0416252565
Broadmeadows Boxing Club, Broadmeadows UNKNOWN
Contact: Sal Casio
Phone: 0093094260
Bacchus Marsh Boxing Club, Bacchus Marsh 3340
Contact: Dan Kaye
Phone: 0053671864
Carrum Boxing Club, Carrum UNKNOWN
Contact: John Hoyne
Phone: 0097725721
Fitzroy Boxing Club, Fitzroy UNKNOWN
Contact: Bobby Scrivano
Phone: 0094173389
Eaglehawk Boxing Club, Eaglehawk UNKNOWN
Contact: Pat Connolly
Phone: 0054468175
Footscray Boxing Club, Footscray UNKNOWN
Contact: Beau Gerring
Phone: 0093146816
Frankston Boxing Club, Frankston UNKNOWN
Contact: Paul Meridith
Phone: 0097064838
Geelong Area Boxing Club, Geelong Area UNKNOWN
Contact: Rocky Perrontina
Phone: 0052772719 Mobile: 0418526416
Daylesford Boxing Club, Daylesford UNKNOWN
Contact: Dennis Beddoe
Phone: 0053482805
Dandenong Boxing Club, Dandenong UNKNOWN
Contact: Herald Onzine
Phone: 0087909630
City of Hume Youth Boxing Club Inc, City of Hume Youth Inc UNKNOWN
Contact: Adam Nahal
Mobile: 0403496906
Email City of Hume Youth Boxing Club Inc
Collingwood Boxing Club, Collingwood UNKNOWN
Contact: Kel Bryant
Phone: 0098766700 Mobile: 0409531822
Colraine Boxing Club, Colraine UNKNOWN
Contact: Ray McIntosh
Phone: 0055752078
Cranbourne Boxing Club, Cranbourne UNKNOWN
Contact: John Dounas
Mobile: 0411233662
Blacktown PCYC Boxing, Blacktown 2148
Contact: Denai Smith
Phone: 0296223470
Email Blacktown PCYC Boxing
Campbelltown PCYC Boxing, Campbelltown NSW 2560
Phone: 0296038229
Tamworth PCYC, Tamworth 2340
Phone: 0267665009
Umina PCYC, Umina 2257
Phone: 0243447851
St George PCYC, St George 2622
Phone: 0295670408
Singleton PCYC, Singleton 2330
Phone: 0265721653
Shoalhaven PCYC, Shoalhaven 2535
Phone: 0244218588
Wagga Wagga PCYC, Wagga Wagga 2650
Phone: 0269215873
Wellington PCYC, Wellington 2820
Phone: 0268452590
Black Eagle School Of Chinese Boxing, Repton 2454
Contact: Mark Boys
Phone: 0411494926 Mobile: 0411494926
Email Black Eagle School Of Chinese Boxing
Murphys Boxing Gym, Surrey Hills 3127
Contact: Gerry
Phone: 0414620060
Email Murphys Boxing Gym
Dragon Den Defences (Cessnock Kickboxing), Aberdare 2325
Contact: Lea Allsop
Phone: 0413238803 Mobile: 0413238803
Email Dragon Den Defences (Cessnock Kickboxing)
Wollongong PCYC, Wollongong 2500
Phone: 0242294418
Port Macquarie PCYC Boxing, Port Macquarie 2444
Phone: 0265843712
Penrith PCYC Boxing, Penrith 2750
Phone: 0247321755
Goulburn PCYC, Goulburn 2580
Phone: 0248222133
Fairfield PCYC Boxing Club, Fairfield 2165
Phone: 0297278909
City Of Sydney PCYC Boxing Club, Sydney 2000
Phone: 0293605835
Cessnock PCYC Boxing, Cessnock 2325
Phone: 0249911407
Griffith PCYC Boxing Club, Griffith 2680
Phone: 0269642004
Gunnedah PCYC Boxing Club, Gunnedah 2380
Phone: 0267421586
Muswellbrook PCYC Boxing, Muswellbrook 2333
Contact: Deanne Douglas
Phone: 02 6541 1434
Email Muswellbrook PCYC Boxing
Lismore PCYC Boxing Club, Lismore 2428
Contact: Mark Greg
Phone: 02 6621 6276
Email Lismore PCYC Boxing Club
Lake Macquarie PCYC Boxing Club, Lake Macquarie 2777
Contact: Greg Morris
Phone: 02 4948 6622
Email Lake Macquarie PCYC Boxing Club
Lake Illawarra PCYC Boxing Club, Lake Illawarra 2528
Contact: Mark Rigby
Phone: 02 4296 4448
Email Lake Illawarra PCYC Boxing Club
Burwood PCYC, Burwood 2134
Contact: Gary Davis
Phone: 0297440136
Email Burwood PCYC

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