ALL Canoeing / Kayaking Clubs (Sitemap)

No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Canoeing / Kayaking clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Eltham College Canoe Club, Eltham 3095
Contact: Jan Anderson
Phone: 0394390378
Email Eltham College Canoe Club
Echuca Moama Canoe Club, Echuca 3654
Phone: 0354821714
Email Echuca Moama Canoe Club
Essendon Canoe Club, Ascot Vale 3032
Contact: Mark Gribben
Phone: 0394999128
Email Essendon Canoe Club
Fairfield Canoe Club, Fairfield 3078
Contact: Darren Ryan

Email Fairfield Canoe Club
Footscray Amateur Canoe Club, Footscray 3012
Contact: Christopher de Luis
Mobile: 0412890399
Email Footscray Amateur Canoe Club
Deniliquin Canoe Club, Deniliquin 2710
Contact: Fred Christian
Phone: 0358811107
Email Deniliquin Canoe Club
Cobram-Barooga Canoe Club, Cobram 3844
Contact: Zane Douglas
Phone: 0358711711
Email Cobram-Barooga Canoe Club
Big River Canoe Club, Nymboida 2460
Contact: Laurie Lawrence
Phone: 0266653114 Mobile: n/a
Email Big River Canoe Club
Ballarat Amateur Canoe Club, Ballarat 3350
Contact: Nicole O'Shea
Phone: 0353376865
Email Ballarat Amateur Canoe Club
Bass Coast Kayak Club, Bass 3991
Contact: Daniel Ryan
Phone: 0356783201 Mobile: 0407566786
Email Bass Coast Kayak Club
Bendigo Canoe Club, Bendigo 3554
Contact: Wendy Batters
Phone: 0354468499
Email Bendigo Canoe Club
Geelong Canoe Club, Geelong 3220
Contact: Graeme Bowes
Phone: 0353357407 Mobile: 0427 193 720
Email Geelong Canoe Club
Gippsland Kayak Club, Sale 3850
Contact: Michael Kent
Phone: 0351443416
Email Gippsland Kayak Club
Mitta Mitta Canoe Club, Albury 2640
Contact: Ian Thomas
Mobile: 0403704108
Email Mitta Mitta Canoe Club
Mildura District Canoe Club, Mildura 3502
Contact: Rodney Sluiter
Phone: 0350213912
Email Mildura District Canoe Club
Patterson Lakes Canoe Club, Carrum 3197
Contact: Alan Opie
Phone: 0395802140
Email Patterson Lakes Canoe Club
Shepparton Canoe Club, Shepparton 3630
Contact: Glenn Eldridge

Email Shepparton Canoe Club
Sherbrooke Knox Canoe Club, Emerald 3782
Contact: Martin Mebalds
Mobile: 0409542158
Email Sherbrooke Knox Canoe Club
Mercantile Kayak Club, Melbourne 3000
Contact: Allison Mitchell

Email Mercantile Kayak Club
Melbourne Canoe Club, Ivanhoe 3079
Contact: Andrew Fegan
Mobile: 0412241098
Email Melbourne Canoe Club
Gippsland Waters Canoe Club, Bairnsdale 3875
Contact: Brad Fisher
Phone: 0351531222
Email Gippsland Waters Canoe Club
Ivanhoe Northcote Canoe Club, Ivanhoe 3079
Contact: Andrew Cox
Phone: 0394971793
Email Ivanhoe Northcote Canoe Club
Kananook Creek Canoe Club, Frankston 3199
Contact: Tony Coventry
Mobile: 0414 700 902
Email Kananook Creek Canoe Club
Kirinari Kayak Klub, Ringwood 3135
Contact: Bernard Boulton
Phone: 0397291538
Email Kirinari Kayak Klub
Bonville Creek Kayak Club, Sawtell 2452
Contact: Christine Berridge
Phone: n/a Mobile: n/a
Email Bonville Creek Kayak Club
Burley Griffin Canoe Club, Campbell 2612
Contact: Patricia Ashton
Phone: 02 9661 9955 Mobile: n/a
Email Burley Griffin Canoe Club
Parramatta Canoe Club, Old Toongabi 2146
Contact: Jon Smith
Phone: 0298313428 Mobile: n/a
Email Parramatta Canoe Club
Penrith Valley Canoeing, Penrith 2751
Contact: Ross Horlyck
Mobile: n/a
Email Penrith Valley Canoeing
Manning River Canoe Club, Taree 2430
Contact: n/a
Phone: 0265569050 Mobile: n/a
Email Manning River Canoe Club
Manly Warringah Kayak Club, Narrabeen 2101
Contact: Gaye Hatfield
Phone: 0299718389 Mobile: 0414997183
Email Manly Warringah Kayak Club
Make For The Break Surk Kayak Club, Erowal 2540
Phone: n/a Mobile: n/a
Email Make For The Break Surk Kayak Club
RCC Sydney Kayakers, Sydney 2000
Contact: n/a
Phone: 0263514403 Mobile: n/a
Email RCC Sydney Kayakers
River Canoe Club, Lane Cove 2066
Contact: Lynn Parker
Phone: 0294283131 Mobile: n/a
Email River Canoe Club
Wakehurst Touring Canoeists, Round Corner 2158
Contact: Ian Hancock
Phone: 0298997778 Mobile: 0400557920
Email Wakehurst Touring Canoeists
Wagga Bidgee Canoe Club, Wagga Wagga 2650
Contact: Bruce Graham
Phone: 0411895074 Mobile: 0411895074
Email Wagga Bidgee Canoe Club
Tumut Valley Canoe Club, Tumut 2720
Contact: Tijmen Klootwijk
Phone: 0269476883 Mobile: n/a
Email Tumut Valley Canoe Club
Shoalhaven Canoe & Kayak Club, Gerringong 2534
Contact: Andy Halliday
Phone: 0242342534 Mobile: n/a
Email Shoalhaven Canoe & Kayak Club
Lane Cove River Kayakers, Lane Cove 2066
Contact: Tim Hookins
Phone: 0294981357 Mobile: 0408109607
Email Lane Cove River Kayakers
Newcastle Lake Macquarie Outriggers Canoe Club, Morisset 2264
Contact: Craig Strudwick
Mobile: 0437700364
Email Newcastle Lake Macquarie Outriggers Canoe Club
Dubbo Canoe Club, Dubbo 2830
Contact: n/a
Phone: n/a Mobile: 0429776344
Email Dubbo Canoe Club
Cronulla Sutherland Kayak Club, Grays Point 2232
Contact: Craig Findlay
Phone: 02 9528 6559 Mobile: 0419 274 650
Email Cronulla Sutherland Kayak Club
Central Coast Canoe Club, Wyong 2259
Contact: Nick Naughton
Phone: 0243531556 Mobile: n/a
Email Central Coast Canoe Club
Cape Byron Canoe Club, Byron Bay 2481
Contact: Woody Vidgen
Phone: 0266857806 Mobile: n/a
Email Cape Byron Canoe Club
Far North Coast Canoe Club, Lismore 2480
Contact: Barbara Davies
Phone: 0266244103 Mobile: n/a
Email Far North Coast Canoe Club
Great Lakes Canoe Club, Forster 2428
Contact: Bruce Pain
Phone: n/a Mobile: 0407292629
Email Great Lakes Canoe Club
Lake Macquarie / Newcastle Canoe Club, Caves Beach 2281
Contact: Craig Strudwick
Phone: 0249711400 Mobile: 0437700364
Email Lake Macquarie / Newcastle Canoe Club
Just Paddlers, Nabiac 2312
Contact: Elizabeth Van Reece
Phone: 0265541612 Mobile: n/a
Email Just Paddlers
Illawarra Canoe Club, Brownsville 2530
Contact: Elizabeth Taylor
Phone: n/a Mobile: n/a
Email Illawarra Canoe Club
Hunter Valley Canoe Club, Glendale 2285
Contact: Marilyn Skardon
Phone: 0249820146 Mobile: n/a
Email Hunter Valley Canoe Club
Windsor Canoe Club, Windsor 2756
Contact: Warren Lopez
Phone: 0245799202 Mobile: n/a
Email Windsor Canoe Club

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