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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Cricket clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Camden Cricket Club, CAMDEN 2567
Contact: Kyle Malcolm
Phone: 02 4657 1913
Email Camden Cricket Club
Port Kembla Cricket Club, Port Kembla 2505
Contact: Martin King
Mobile: 0419013499
Email Port Kembla Cricket Club
Corrimal Cricket Club, Corrimal 2518
Contact: Ray trindall
Phone: 0242847224
Email Corrimal Cricket Club
Wests Illawarra Cricket Club, Wollongong 2500
Contact: Neale Benson
Mobile: 0438421467
Email Wests Illawarra Cricket Club
Lake Illawarra Cricket Club, Lake Illawarra 2528
Contact: Annette Usher
Phone: 0242971005
Email Lake Illawarra Cricket Club
Balgownie Cricket Club, Balgownie 2519
Contact: Jan Chater
Mobile: 0415625677
Email Balgownie Cricket Club
Northern Districts/Thirroul Cricket Club, Thirroul 2515
Contact: Steve Lum
Mobile: 0414296111
Email Northern Districts/Thirroul Cricket Club
Helensburgh Cricket Club, Helensburgh 2508
Contact: Graeme Lundie
Mobile: 0429943228
Email Helensburgh Cricket Club
The Rail Cricket Club, Albion Park Rail 2527
Contact: simon pearse
Phone: 42579449 Mobile: 0413751107
Email The Rail Cricket Club
Albion Park Cricket Club, Albion Park 2527
Contact: Terry Burns
Mobile: 0420358473
Email Albion Park Cricket Club
Wollongong Cricket Club, Wollongong 2500
Contact: Andrew Maher
Phone: 0412492251 Mobile: 0412492251
Email Wollongong Cricket Club
Warilla Sports Cricket Club, Warilla 2528
Contact: Darren Zampa
Mobile: 0412324738
Email Warilla Sports Cricket Club
Keira Cricket Club, Wollongong 2500
Contact: James Pirie
Phone: 0403369524 Mobile: 0403369524
Email Keira Cricket Club
Clunes Cricket Club, Clunes 2480
Contact: Duncan MacDougall
Phone: 0266895279
Email Clunes Cricket Club
Eastern Districts Cricket Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Daniel Rowlands/Kate Rowlands
Phone: 0404085755 Mobile: 0421769841
Email Eastern Districts Cricket Club
Evans Head Cricket Club, Evans Head 2473
Contact: Barbara Jeffery
Phone: 0266825237
Email Evans Head Cricket Club
Mullumbimby/Brunswick Cricket Club, Mullumbimby 2482
Contact: Mary Ashton
Phone: 02 66851676
Email Mullumbimby/Brunswick Cricket Club
Bangalow Cricket Club, Bangalow 2479
Contact: Billy
Phone: 02 6687 2596 Mobile: 0419 441 556
Email Bangalow Cricket Club
Eureka Cricket Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Tony Margan
Phone: 0266871455
Email Eureka Cricket Club
Goonellabah Workers Sports Cricket Club, Goonellabah 2480
Contact: Neil Hellyar
Mobile: 0417572291
Email Goonellabah Workers Sports Cricket Club
Workers/Wyrallah Rd Cricket Club, Wyrallah 2480
Contact: Trevor Clark
Phone: 0266243000 Mobile: 0402167107
Email Workers/Wyrallah Rd Cricket Club
Southern Districts Lismore Cricket Club, Lismore 2480
Contact: Shaun Grainger
Phone: 0266215741 Mobile: 0410907841
Email Southern Districts Lismore Cricket Club
Northern Districts Lismore Cricket Club, Lismore 2480
Contact: Neil Ryan
Mobile: 0401475913
Email Northern Districts Lismore Cricket Club
Lismore Workers Cricket Club, Lismore 2480
Contact: Trevor Clark
Mobile: 0402167107
Email Lismore Workers Cricket Club
Dapto Junior Cricket Club, Dapto 2530
Contact: Erica Redman
Phone: 0409 605029 Mobile: 0409 605029
Email Dapto Junior Cricket Club
Shoalhaven Cricket Club, Shoalhaven 2535
Contact: Bob Webster
Mobile: 0419493370
Email Shoalhaven Cricket Club
Magpies Cricket Club, Campbelltown 2560
Contact: Debbie Stewart
Phone: 0414437121 Mobile: 0414437121
Email Magpies Cricket Club
Westerners Cricket Club, Ruse 2560
Contact: David Newham
Phone: 0425269267 Mobile: 0425269267
Email Westerners Cricket Club
Macquarie Fields Cricket Club, Macquarie Fields 2564
Contact: Matt Wynne
Mobile: 0410 739 779
Email Macquarie Fields Cricket Club
Monaro Cricket Club, Cooma 2630
Contact: Peter Devereux
Phone: 0264522470
Email Monaro Cricket Club
Tuross Cricket Club, Tuross 2630
Contact: Boyd Brennan
Phone: 0244736062
Email Tuross Cricket Club
Bradbury Cricket Club Inc, Bradbury 2560
Contact: Mrs Maria Thomas
Phone: 043708007 Mobile: 0437108007
Email Bradbury Cricket Club Inc
Campbelltown City Cricket Club, Campbelltown 2560
Contact: Fred Corbett
Phone: 0246265077 Mobile: 0422177565
Email Campbelltown City Cricket Club
Kellyville Ridge Cricket Club Inc., Kellyville Ridge 2768/2155
Contact: Rod Yendle
Phone: 0406 246 951
Email Kellyville Ridge Cricket Club Inc.
st andrews pascoe vale cricket club, pascoe vale 3046
Contact: kingsley doidge
Phone: 0421086665
Email st andrews pascoe vale cricket club
Newcomb & District Cricket Club, Whittington 3219
Contact: Terry Doyle
Phone: 0407527851
Email Newcomb & District Cricket Club
Campbelltown Collegians Cricket Club, Campbelltown 2560
Contact: David Bowen
Phone: 0246286171 Mobile: 0418 284 195
Email Campbelltown Collegians Cricket Club
Broulee Cricket Club, Broulee 2537
Contact: Mirk Earl
Mobile: 0044716681
Email Broulee Cricket Club
Eden Cricket Club, Eden 2551
Contact: Drew Mudaliar
Mobile: 0429906362
Email Eden Cricket Club
Bega/Angledale Cricket Club, Bega 2550
Contact: Glen Willcox
Mobile: 0427305462
Email Bega/Angledale Cricket Club
Jamberoo Cricket Club, Jamberoo 2533
Contact: Gerry Mann
Mobile: 0407290642
Email Jamberoo Cricket Club
Gerringong Cricket Club, Gerringong 2534
Contact: David Young
Phone: 0242340622
Email Gerringong Cricket Club
Berry-Shoalhaven Heads Cricket Club, Berry 2535
Contact: Brett Lawson
Mobile: 0402 864 123
Email Berry-Shoalhaven Heads Cricket Club
Bemboka Cricket Club, Bemboka 2550
Contact: Paul Mitchell
Phone: 026493 0468
Email Bemboka Cricket Club
Kameruka Cricket Club, Kameruka 2550
Contact: Peter O Donnell
Phone: 0264932171
Email Kameruka Cricket Club
Dalmeny Cricket Club, Dalmeny 2546
Contact: Rob Zalfields
Mobile: 0438880443
Email Dalmeny Cricket Club
Pambula Cricket Club, Pambula 2549
Contact: Dave Smith
Phone: 0264957491
Email Pambula Cricket Club
Merimbula Cricket Club, Merimbula 2548
Contact: Andrew Purcell
Phone: 0264954532
Email Merimbula Cricket Club
Tathra Cricket Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Troy Burhop
Phone: 0264921677
Email Tathra Cricket Club
Bomaderry Cricket Club, Bomaderry 2541
Contact: Graeme Sawkins
Phone: 0244460131
Email Bomaderry Cricket Club

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