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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Diving clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Gannets Diving Club, Portland 3305
Contact: Tiffany Warner
Phone: 0355234450 Mobile: 0418300181
Email Gannets Diving Club
Firbank Aquastars Diving Club, Dingley 3172
Contact: Matt Simpson
Mobile: 0431241990
Email Firbank Aquastars Diving Club
MelAm Diving Club, Ivanhoe 3079
Contact: Sue Simmons
Mobile: 0402279022
Email MelAm Diving Club
Ringwood Diving Club, Ringwood 3134
Contact: Angelo Bruno
Mobile: 0411113224
Email Ringwood Diving Club
Whitehorse Diving Club, Box Hill 3128
Contact: Rosemary Mc Ginnes
Phone: 0398364780 Mobile: 0419305968
Email Whitehorse Diving Club
Sunraysia Diving Club, 3000
Phone: 0350238036
Bendigo YMCA Diving Club, Bendigo 3550
Phone: 0354469222
Diving Connections Diving Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Chris Lang
Phone: 0294977810
Email Diving Connections Diving Club
Perfect 10 Diving Club, Homebush Bay 2127
Contact: Chava Sobrino
Mobile: 0417239054
Email Perfect 10 Diving Club
Hunter United Diving Club, Tenambit 2323
Contact: Eric Brooker
Phone: 0249339934 Mobile: 0404160294
Email Hunter United Diving Club
Parramatta Diving Club, Parramatta 2150
Contact: Sue Milford
Phone: 0417046002 Mobile: 0417046002
Email Parramatta Diving Club
MLC Burwood Diving Club, Burwood 2134
Contact: Carlie Gidman
Mobile: 0418583945
Email MLC Burwood Diving Club
Diving Masters Diving Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Martha Dale
Mobile: 0410889178
Email Diving Masters Diving Club
Central West Diving Club, Orange 2800
Contact: Jo Alexander
Mobile: 0428655199
Email Central West Diving Club

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