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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Handball clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Curtin University Handball Club, Perth 6009
Contact: Denise Westhaeusler
Phone: 0448283923
Email Curtin University Handball Club
Ducks UWA University Handball Club, Crawley 6009
Contact: Michael Horn
Phone: 0438 763 967
Email Ducks UWA University Handball Club
Murdoch University Handball Club, Murdoch 6150
Contact: Christian Bitz
Phone: 0405 357 980
Email Murdoch University Handball Club
Albany Handball Club, Albany 6330
Contact: Tony Norment
Phone: 9892 8759
Email Albany Handball Club
Saint Kilda Handball Club, Melbourne 3000
Contact: Thomas Gerstch
Phone: 0449571083
Email Saint Kilda Handball Club
RMIT Handball Club, Melbourne 3001
Contact: Meaghan Gurr
Mobile: 0400400395
Email RMIT Handball Club
Monash United Handball Club, Caulfield East 3145
Contact: Aleksandra Vuckovic
Mobile: 0418174047
Email Monash United Handball Club
University of Queensland Handball Club, Brisbane 4073
Contact: Mary Kelly
Mobile: 0422 843 320
Email University of Queensland Handball Club
Northern Panthers Handball Club, Brisbane 4072
Contact: Chris Harbort
Phone: 07 38566376 Mobile: 0437637275
Email Northern Panthers Handball Club
Queensland Unversity of Technology Hanball Club, Brisbane 4074
Contact: Nikolas Stuart

Email Queensland Unversity of Technology Hanball Club
Gold Coast Handball Club, Brisbane 4076

Email Gold Coast Handball Club
Carlton Cougars Handball Club - 100+, UNKNOWN
Contact: Zoran Radumilo
Mobile: 0414338774
Wizards Handball, Stretton and Daisy Hill 4127
Contact: Caleb Gahan
Phone: 0411 787 719
Email Wizards Handball

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