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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Lacrosse clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Footscray Lacrosse Club, Yarraville 3013
Contact: Paul Mollison
Phone: 0396964343 Mobile: 0434256836
Email Footscray Lacrosse Club
Knox Lacrosse Club, Studfield 3152
Contact: Sue Cody
Phone: 0397628827 Mobile: 0403909980
Email Knox Lacrosse Club
Malvern Lacrosse Club, Malvern 3144
Contact: Rod Ansell
Phone: 0398025476 Mobile: 0419683407
Email Malvern Lacrosse Club
Melbourne High School Lacrosse Club, South Yarra 3121
Contact: Duncan McKenzie
Mobile: 0433828260
Email Melbourne High School Lacrosse Club
Eltham Lacrosse Club, Eltham 3095
Contact: Nina Catela
Phone: 0399261390
Email Eltham Lacrosse Club
Chadstone Lacrosse Club, Chadstone 3148
Contact: Mike Lee
Phone: 0425741953 Mobile: 0425741953
Email Chadstone Lacrosse Club
Stuart Lacrosse Club, Stuart 4811
Contact: Scott Car
Mobile: 0407599975
Altona Lacrosse Club, Altona 3018
Contact: Maurice Zicman
Phone: 0393910330 Mobile: 0408388782
Email Altona Lacrosse Club
Camberwell Lacrosse Club, Camberwell 3124
Contact: Marde Hoy

Email Camberwell Lacrosse Club
Caulfield Lacrosse Club, Caulfield 3162
Contact: Rebekah Grubb
Phone: 0395093478
Email Caulfield Lacrosse Club
Moreland Lacrosse Club, Brunswick 3056
Contact: Clive

Email Moreland Lacrosse Club
Newport Ladies Lacrosse Club, Williamstown 3016
Contact: Teena Hussey
Phone: 0393977490 Mobile: 0408644482
Email Newport Ladies Lacrosse Club
Wembley lacrosse Club, Wembley 6014
Contact: Mark Bowman
Phone: 0407 222 633
Email Wembley lacrosse Club
Kuljak Lacrosse Club, Kuljak 6000
Contact: Peter Salmon
Phone: 0411710026
Email Kuljak Lacrosse Club
Gold Coast Sharks Lacrosse Club, Helensvale 4000
Contact: Brendan
Phone: 0425798867
Email Gold Coast Sharks Lacrosse Club
M.C.C. Lacrosse Section (Australia), Melbourne 3004
Contact: Peter Allen
Phone: +61411255554
Email M.C.C. Lacrosse Section (Australia)
Subiaco Lacrosse Club, Subiaco 6008
Contact: Julia Pearle
Phone: 0439 698 186
Email Subiaco Lacrosse Club
Bayswater Lacrosse club, Bayswater 6053
Contact: Des Doherty
Phone: 0417901462
Email Bayswater Lacrosse club
Surrey Park Lacrosse Club, Box Hill 3128
Contact: Ian Whitbourn
Phone: 0398011065 Mobile: 0418349111
Email Surrey Park Lacrosse Club
Williamstown Lacrosse Club, Williamstown 3016
Contact: John Price
Phone: 0393975062
Email Williamstown Lacrosse Club
Williamstown Women's Lacrosse Club, Williamstown 3016
Contact: Alisha Dixon
Phone: 0393971085
Email Williamstown Women's Lacrosse Club
Woodville Lacrosse Club, Findon 5023
Contact: Luke Oswald
Phone: 0435573533
Email Woodville Lacrosse Club
Northern Gold Coast Reapers Lacrosse Club, Ashmore 4214
Contact: Jo & Peter Burrows
Phone: 0755301626
Logan Lizards Lacrosse Club, Mount Gravatt 4122
Contact: Phil Krause
Mobile: 0422629623
Email Logan Lizards Lacrosse Club
Pirates Lacrosse, Holland Park West 4121
Contact: Ted Robertson
Phone: 0406 935 959
Email Pirates Lacrosse
Womens Competition Coordinator, Sydney 2000
Contact: Sayuri Kawamura

Email Womens Competition Coordinator
Northern Suburbs Lacrosse Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Dave Reeve
Mobile: 0414305335
Email Northern Suburbs Lacrosse Club
City and West Lacrosse Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Dylan Hughes
Phone: 0419607861 Mobile: 0419607861
Email City and West Lacrosse Club
GLG Global Pty Ltd Lacrosse Team, Turramurra 2074
Contact: Gadi Levy-Golan
Mobile: 0405084220
Email GLG Global Pty Ltd Lacrosse Team
South Coast Freestyle Fighting System, Ulladulla 2539
Contact: Lawrence Emerson
Mobile: 0412469586
East and South Lacrosse Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Andy Stewart
Phone: 0419224732 Mobile: 0419224732
Email East and South Lacrosse Club
Mosman Lacrosse Club, Potts Point 2011
Mobile: 0419415504
Progressive Combat Systems, Wetherill Park 2164
Contact: Arthur Ligopantis
Mobile: 0419253106
Email Progressive Combat Systems
Tong Kune Do, Wareemba 2046
Contact: Lawrence Lee

Email Tong Kune Do
NSW Lacrosse Association, Sydney 2000
Contact: Annalie Eccleston
Phone: 0281169714 Mobile: 0400598270
Email NSW Lacrosse Association
Tiandi Qigong, Willoughby 2068
Contact: Zhao Shihua
Mobile: 0405154966
Email Tiandi Qigong
Macquarie University Chinese Martial Arts, North Ryde 2113
Contact: Shawn Lin
Mobile: 0400271889
Email Macquarie University Chinese Martial Arts
Queensland Lacrosse Association Inc., UNKNOWN
Contact: Graham Nicholls

James Cook University Lacrosse Club, UNKNOWN
Contact: John Mitchell
Phone: 0747237905
Email James Cook University Lacrosse Club
Gold Coast Lacrosse Club, Gold Coast 4217
Contact: Sandy Bamford
Mobile: 0409272477
Email Gold Coast Lacrosse Club
Fire Dragon Australia, Queanbeyan 2620
Contact: Sifu Patrick Bellchambers
Mobile: 0402136967
Email Fire Dragon Australia
Northern Fighting Lacrosse Club, Salamander 2317
Contact: Al Bendeich
Phone: 0249847396
Email Northern Fighting Lacrosse Club
Chuan Fa School of Martial Arts, Manly 2095
Contact: John Bedwany
Mobile: 0411026236
Email Chuan Fa School of Martial Arts
Kempo Ryu - Fit, Tuncurry 2428
Contact: John Hassett
Mobile: 0428732620
Email Kempo Ryu - Fit
Shinko Jutsu, St Marys 2760
Contact: Noel Rawson
Mobile: 0414623227
Email Shinko Jutsu
Chikara Shinai Ryu, Springwood 2777
Contact: Bradley Higgins
Mobile: 0412833079
Email Chikara Shinai Ryu
Northern Beaches Lacrosse Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Ben Morrell
Phone: - Mobile: 0410145620
Email Northern Beaches Lacrosse Club

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