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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Netball clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Alive Sports, Narellan 2567
Contact: Kate Harris
Phone: 02 4646 1055
Email Alive Sports
Eaglevale Netball Club, Eagle Vale 2558
Contact: Sue Shaw
Mobile: 0401744120
Email Eaglevale Netball Club
City of Sydney Netball Association, Sydney 2000
Contact: Suzanne Simpson
Mobile: 0420816635
Email City of Sydney Netball Association
Cesnock District Netball Associaion, Cessnock 2325
Contact: Vicki Cochrane
Phone: 0249981746
Email Cesnock District Netball Associaion
Casino Netball Association, Casino 2470
Contact: Lesley Plim
Phone: 0266625382
Email Casino Netball Association
Coffs Harbour Netball Association, Coffs Harbour 2450
Contact: Joanne Wiseman
Mobile: 0439864707
Email Coffs Harbour Netball Association
Ingleburn RSL Netball Club, Ingleburn 2565
Contact: Sally Baker
Mobile: 0421321538
Email Ingleburn RSL Netball Club
Cootamundra Netball Association, Cootamundra 2590
Contact: Ed Battye
Phone: 0269421727
Email Cootamundra Netball Association
Carlingford Flames Netball Club, Eastwood 2122
Contact: Maryanne Brierley
Phone: 02 9874 1398 Mobile: 0438 422 098
Email Carlingford Flames Netball Club
Collegians Netball Club, Bathurst 2795
Contact: Melissa Noonan
Phone: 0421 757 620
Email Collegians Netball Club
Dubbo Netball Association, Dubbo 2830
Contact: Stacey Exner
Phone: 026881 6161
Email Dubbo Netball Association
Varroville Netball Club, Varroville 2566
Contact: Belinda Cochrane
Phone: 0046207735 Mobile: 0409810138
Email Varroville Netball Club
Cooma Netball Association, Cooma 2630
Contact: Fiona Wharton
Phone: 0264533254
Email Cooma Netball Association
Glenfield Netball Club, Glenfield 2167
Contact: Greg Janson
Phone: 0098292602
Email Glenfield Netball Club
Ocean Shores Netball Club, Mullumbimby 2482
Contact: Leslie Kirk
Phone: 0266801452
Benkennie Netball Club, Camden 2570
Contact: Sue Mumford
Phone: 024658 0634 Mobile: 0438 771 791
Email Benkennie Netball Club
Bangalow Netball Club, Mullumbimby 2482
Contact: Sandra Hansford
Phone: 0266847381 Mobile: 0400973377
Email Bangalow Netball Club
Boorowa Netball Association, Boorowa 2586
Contact: Angie Gay
Mobile: 0427853938
Email Boorowa Netball Association
Blue Mountains Netball Association, Blaxland 2744
Contact: Estelle Godkin
Phone: 0247393919 Mobile: 0413469629
Email Blue Mountains Netball Association
Currans Hill Netball Club, Currans Hill 2567
Contact: Sherrie Tuerlings
Mobile: 0488 218324
Email Currans Hill Netball Club
Mount Annan Netball Club, Mount Annan 2567
Contact: Lyndall Schuhmeier

Email Mount Annan Netball Club
Dundas United Netball Club, Eastwood 2122
Contact: Sue Woodhouse
Phone: 0296381257
East Campbelltown Netball Club, Campbelltown 2560
Contact: Samantha Mortimer
Mobile: 0416256773
Email East Campbelltown Netball Club
Austral Netball Club, Austral 2179
Contact: Sharyn Abdul
Mobile: 0407924973
Email Austral Netball Club
Appin Netball Club, Appin 2560
Contact: Kerry Sheehan
Phone: 02 4631 1871 Mobile: 0411951960
Email Appin Netball Club
St Thomas Moore Netball Club, Campbelltown 2560
Contact: Janina Geraghty
Phone: 0298209224 Mobile: 0414 709 755
Email St Thomas Moore Netball Club
Ermington United Netball Club, Eastwood 2122
Contact: Tracy Mannix
Phone: 0296138019 Mobile: 0415618977
Email Ermington United Netball Club
Gosford Netball Association, Gosford 2250
Contact: Belinda Beresford
Phone: 0243242002 Mobile: 0409243330
Email Gosford Netball Association
Glen Innes Netball Association, Glen Innes 2370
Contact: Deborah Cuneen
Phone: 0267325158 Mobile: 0408469244
Email Glen Innes Netball Association
Farrer League Netball Association, Farrer 2607
Contact: Denise Miller
Phone: 0269247226 Mobile: 0428247226
Email Farrer League Netball Association
Marconi Netball Club, Wetherill Park 2164
Contact: Angela Portelli
Mobile: 0400334732
Apollo Netball Club, Gosford 2250
Contact: Colleen McLean
Phone: 0243655607 Mobile: 0465206374
Email Apollo Netball Club
Central Coast Storm Netball Club, Gosford 2250
Contact: Robyn Darby
Phone: 0243697183
Email Central Coast Storm Netball Club
Lisarow Netball Club, Lisarow 2250
Contact: Belinda Bone
Phone: 02 4329 2733 Mobile: 0400340088
Email Lisarow Netball Club
Kariong Netball Club, Kariong 2250
Contact: Michelle Maestri
Mobile: 0438 411 738
Email Kariong Netball Club
Jindabyne Netball Assoc, Jindabyne 2627
Contact: Sarah Huston & Ashleigh Ridley
Phone: 0466 281 109
Email Jindabyne Netball Assoc
Coastal Waters Netball Club, Gosford 2250
Contact: Karin Avvenevole
Phone: 0243650477
Email Coastal Waters Netball Club
Waves Netball Club, Eurobodalla 2545
Contact: Marcelle Rutter
Phone: 0244713363
Email Waves Netball Club
St Peters Netball Club, Eurobodalla 2545
Contact: Ros MacCallum
Phone: 0244715626
Email St Peters Netball Club
Ryde RSL Robbins Netball Club, Eastwood 2122
Contact: Debbie Wilson
Phone: 0298794082
OLQP Gladesville Netball Club, Eastwood 2122
Contact: Kylie Harvey
Phone: 0298173713
North Ryde RSL Seniors Netball Club, Eastwood 2122
Contact: Lorna Humphreys
Phone: 0294281116
Email North Ryde RSL Seniors Netball Club
Marsfield Bluebelles Netball Club, Eastwood 2122
Contact: Lila Larsen
Phone: 0298762097
Santa Sabina Juniors Netball Club, Eastwood 2135
Contact: Di Jones
Phone: 97450173 Mobile: 0416193543
Email Santa Sabina Juniors Netball Club
Villa Netball Club, Eastwood 2122
Contact: Hilary Bokeyar
Phone: 0298794980
Offshore Netball Club, Eurobodalla 2545
Contact: Angela Rankin
Phone: 0244718990
Email Offshore Netball Club
Broulee Netball Club, Broulee 2537
Contact: Shaneane Cooke
Phone: 0244712707
Email Broulee Netball Club
Eurobodalla Netball Association, Eurobodalla 2545
Contact: Phillipa Fetterplace
Phone: 0244711167
Email Eurobodalla Netball Association
Woolwich Netball Club, Eastwood 2122
Contact: Daniella Sigglekow
Phone: 0029817884
Eastwood X-Ls Netball Club, Eastwood 2122
Contact: Wendy Bryson
Phone: 0288123455 Mobile: 0433256872
Email Eastwood X-Ls Netball Club

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