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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Sailing / Yachting clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron, Black Rock 3193
Contact: Michael Looker
Phone: 0395896222
Email Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron
Bayview Yacht Racing Association, Black Rock 3193
Contact: Hugh Videion
Phone: 0395895156
Email Bayview Yacht Racing Association
Bendigo Yacht Club, Bendigo 3552
Contact: Ken Coulson
Phone: 0354353380
Email Bendigo Yacht Club
Black Rock Yacht Club, Black Rock 3193
Contact: Daryl Lyons
Phone: 0395980570
Email Black Rock Yacht Club
Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, Blairgowrie 3942
Contact: Barry Fitzpatrick
Phone: 0359888453 Mobile: 0408317805
Email Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron
Ballarat Yacht Club, Bakery Hill 3354
Contact: Dianne Risbey
Phone: 0353321922
Email Ballarat Yacht Club
Apollo Bay 73 Club, Apollo Bay 3233
Contact: Suzie McBride
Phone: 0352377861 Mobile: 0418370276
Email Apollo Bay 73 Club
Albert 73 Club, South Melbourne 3205
Contact: Bill Avallone
Phone: 0394595327 Mobile: 0412333743
Email Albert 73 Club
Albury-Wodonga Yacht Club, Albury 2640
Contact: Peter Kalin
Mobile: 0407272375
Email Albury-Wodonga Yacht Club
Altona Yacht Club, Altona 3018
Contact: Scott McDonald
Phone: 0393985859 Mobile: 0416088724
Email Altona Yacht Club
Angelsea Motor Yacht Club, Geelong 3220
Contact: Ron McDonald
Mobile: 0419296464
Email Angelsea Motor Yacht Club
Cairn Curran 73 Club, Bendigo 3550
Contact: Ian Whan
Phone: 0354423242 Mobile: 0401605064
Email Cairn Curran 73 Club
Carrum 73 Club, Chelsea 3196
Contact: Ian Blencowe
Phone: 0397725967 Mobile: 0402855671
Email Carrum 73 Club
Elwood 73 Club, Elwood 3184
Contact: Mark Foster
Phone: 0395314743
Email Elwood 73 Club
Docklands Yacht Club, Bentleigh 3165
Contact: David Staley
Phone: 0397683101 Mobile: 0428514058
Email Docklands Yacht Club
Flinders Yacht Club, Flinders 3929
Contact: Brian Coleman
Phone: 0359890762
Email Flinders Yacht Club
Frankston Yacht Club, Frankston 3199
Contact: Kevin Gasparini
Phone: 0397837784
Email Frankston Yacht Club
Fremantle Cruising Yacht Club, Geelong 3220
Contact: Barry Palich
Phone: 0352770207 Mobile: 0408546193
Email Fremantle Cruising Yacht Club
Davey's Bay Yacht Club, Mt Eliza 3930
Contact: Jeni Danks
Phone: 0397871111
Email Davey's Bay Yacht Club
Cowes Yacht Club, Cowes 3922
Contact: James Holroyd
Phone: 0398823544 Mobile: 41133515943
Email Cowes Yacht Club
Chelsea Yacht Club, Chelsea 3196
Contact: Lynette Williams
Phone: 0397722854
Email Chelsea Yacht Club
Colac Yacht Club, Colac 3250
Contact: Steve Cartwright
Phone: 0352311180
Email Colac Yacht Club
Corio Bay 73 Club, Geelong 3220
Contact: Greg Lyons

Email Corio Bay 73 Club
Corner Inlet Boat Club, Welshpool 3966
Contact: Ross Williamson
Phone: 0356881615
Email Corner Inlet Boat Club
Albert Park Yacht Club, Albert Park 3206
Contact: Danny Marrinon
Phone: 0396905418
Email Albert Park Yacht Club
Shorthanded Sailing Association of Australian Inc, Mamahons Point 2060
Contact: Peter McCorquodale
Mobile: 0414344914
Email Shorthanded Sailing Association of Australian Inc
Sailability Pittwater Sailing Club, Bayview 2104
Contact: Ronald Notter
Phone: 0299186539
Email Sailability Pittwater Sailing Club
Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Kirribilli 2061
Contact: Andrew McIntyre
Phone: 0299557171
Email Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
South Lake Macquarie Amateur Sailing Club, Morisset 2264
Contact: Jeff Thomas
Phone: 0249705118
Email South Lake Macquarie Amateur Sailing Club
Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club, 2284 UNKNOWN
Contact: Inc.
Phone: Mobile: 0249583510
Email Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club
St George Sailing Club, Sans Souci 2219
Contact: Lee Pearson
Phone: 0295294911
Email St George Sailing Club
Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club, Bondi Junction 2355
Contact: Ronald De Wit
Phone: 0293273149
Email Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club
The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Newport 2106
Contact: Russell Murphy
Phone: 0299971022
Email The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club
Army Sailing Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Jeffrey Butler

Email Army Sailing Club
Port Stephens Yacht Club, Nelsons Bay 2315
Contact: Peter Foster
Mobile: 0428820477
Email Port Stephens Yacht Club
Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay, Newport Beach 2106
Contact: Leo Tutt
Phone: 0299975511
Email Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay
Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto, Toronto 2283
Contact: Brian Meredyth
Phone: 0249592051
Email Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto
Teralba Amateur Sailing Club, Booragul 2284
Contact: Neil Wales
Phone: 0249593219
Email Teralba Amateur Sailing Club
Toukley Sailing Club, Toukley 2263
Contact: Stan Dixon
Phone: 0043923080
Email Toukley Sailing Club
Sailability Rushcutters Bay Yacht Club, Rushcutters Bay 2011
Contact: Stephen Churm
Mobile: 0411500380
Email Sailability Rushcutters Bay Yacht Club
Illawarra Yacht Club, Warrawong 2502
Contact: Robert Bower
Phone: 0242746622
Email Illawarra Yacht Club
Hornsby PCYC Sailing Club, Brooklyn 2083
Contact: Jan Woolley
Mobile: 0419982655
Email Hornsby PCYC Sailing Club
Mannering Park Yacht Club Inc, Mannering Park 2259
Contact: Bruce McWhirter
Phone: 0243591456
Email Mannering Park Yacht Club Inc
Woollahra Sailing Club, Rose Bay 2029
Contact: Christine Jorm
Phone: 0293719805
Email Woollahra Sailing Club
Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club, Wangi Wangi 2267
Contact: Carol Wylde-Browne
Phone: 0249754212
Email Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club
Twofold Bay Yacht Club, Eden 2551
Contact: Alan Greening

Email Twofold Bay Yacht Club
Vaucluse Yacht Club, Watsons Bay 2030
Contact: Brian Fallon
Mobile: 0412240360
Email Vaucluse Yacht Club
Wagga Wagga Boat Club, Wagga Wagga 2650
Contact: David Neil
Phone: 0269262300
Email Wagga Wagga Boat Club
Wallerawang Sailing Club, Wallerawang 2845
Contact: Graeme Lasky
Phone: 0263791488
Email Wallerawang Sailing Club
Geraldton Yacht Club, Geraldton 6530
Contact: Craig Lowe
Phone: 08 9964 1664
Email Geraldton Yacht Club

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