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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Shooting clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Southern Riverina Hunting Club, Sydney 2000
Phone: 0358852935 Mobile: 0429813207
Sapphire Coast Pistol Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: David Lynch
Phone: 0244737336
Email Sapphire Coast Pistol Club
Snowy River Pistol Club, Sydney 2000
Phone: 0264561608
SSAA Deep Creek Pistol Club, Milton 2538
Phone: 0244728986
Email SSAA Deep Creek Pistol Club
SSAA Northcoast Sporting Clays Club, Lismore 2480
Phone: 0266214330
Quirindi Sporting Clay Target Club, Quirindi 2343
Contact: Joe Cameron
Phone: 0267462829 Mobile: 0267680288
Email Quirindi Sporting Clay Target Club
Twin Rivers Pistol & Rifle Club, Batemans Bay 2536
Contact: Paul Scully
Phone: 0244726585
Email Twin Rivers Pistol & Rifle Club
North East NSW Hunting Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Paul
Phone: 0266534717
Email North East NSW Hunting Club
Moruya Batemans Bay Pistol Club, Moruya 2537
Contact: Mark Raabe

Email Moruya Batemans Bay Pistol Club
Newtec Pistol Club, Teralba 2284
Contact: Murray Bignell
Phone: 0249502549 Mobile: 0418-474179
Email Newtec Pistol Club
Shooting Academy Club, Sydney 2144
Contact: David Crittenden
Phone: 0297379099
Email Shooting Academy Club
SSAA Silverdale Pistol Club, Camden 2570
Phone: 0246531440
St George Hunters Club, Riverwood 2210
Phone: 0293446888
Wentworth Rifle Club, Wentworth 2648
Phone: 0350233417 Mobile: 0427233417
Email Wentworth Rifle Club
Wakehurst Rifle Club, Narrabeen 2101
Phone: 0299770085 Mobile: 0412219543
Wingham Pistol Club, Wingham 2429
Contact: Richard Gawned
Phone: 0265538081 Mobile: 0409539622
Email Wingham Pistol Club
Woolgoolga Hunting Club, Woolgoolga 2456
Contact: luke speer
Phone: 0266542564
Email Woolgoolga Hunting Club
Cowra Cowboys Club, Cowra 2794
Phone: 0263423385
Wanaaring Sporting Club, Wanaaring 2840
Phone: 0268747645
Vermin Solutions Hunting Club, Fletcher 2287
Contact: Craig
Phone: 0249556026 Mobile: 0428296654
Email Vermin Solutions Hunting Club
Transit Shooting Sports Club, Sydney 2000
Mobile: 0413311707
Tuggerah Lakes Memorial Pistol Club, Sydney 2000
Phone: 0243842802
Tweed Heads & Coolangatta Districts Pistol Club, Tweed Heads South 2486
Phone: 0755365500
Ulladulla Pistol Club, Ulladulla 2539
Phone: 0244541981
Newcastle Technical College Rifle Club, Newcastle 2300
Phone: 0249522042
Email Newcastle Technical College Rifle Club
Narrandera Gun/Clay Target Club, Narrandera 2700
Contact: Daryl Fraser
Phone: 0269552250 Mobile: 0405358383
Grafton Pistol Club, South Grafton 2460
Contact: Trevor Bailey
Phone: 0295430995
Email Grafton Pistol Club
Drummoyne RSL Pistol Club, Malabar 2036
Contact: Stuart Collibee
Phone: 0289989471 Mobile: 0418960608
Email Drummoyne RSL Pistol Club
Ballina RSL Air Rifle Club, Ballina 2477
Contact: Colleen Trease
Phone: 0266865505
Email Ballina RSL Air Rifle Club
Burrier Sporting Shooters Club, Burrier 2540
Phone: 0244226609
Captains Flat Shooting Sports Club, Queanbeyan 2620
Phone: 0262366253
Coffs Harbour Pistol Club, Sawtell 2452
Contact: Sam Hui
Phone: 0266550063
Email Coffs Harbour Pistol Club
Cessnock Pistol Club, Cessnock 2325
Phone: 0249308204
Email Cessnock Pistol Club
Blacktown Pistol Club, Emerton 2770
Phone: 0296288166 Mobile: 0417-280842
Email Blacktown Pistol Club
Bowral Pistol Club, Bowral 2576
Phone: 0248711351
Email Bowral Pistol Club
Cape Byron Pistol Club, Byron Bay 2481
Contact: Peter J. Wightman
Phone: 0427142804 Mobile: 0427142804
Email Cape Byron Pistol Club
Centurion Pistol Club, Burwood 1805
Contact: Basil Borun
Phone: 02 9786 1673
Email Centurion Pistol Club
Condobolin Rifle Club, Dubbo 2830
Contact: Carol or Barry
Phone: 0268954540 Mobile: 0418605652
Email Condobolin Rifle Club
Cowboy Action Shooters of Australia Club, Beacon Hill 2100
Phone: 0299757983
Email Cowboy Action Shooters of Australia Club
Hurstville District Small Bore Rifle Club, Parramatta 2124

Jamberoo Hunting Club, Jamberoo 2533
Contact: Michael Stevens
Phone: 0294124728
Email Jamberoo Hunting Club
Kariong County Cowboys Shooting Club, Kariong 2250
Contact: Kym McEwan
Mobile: 0433145166
Largs Clay Target Club, East Maitland 2323
Contact: Margaret Eckford
Phone: 02 4933 6060
Email Largs Clay Target Club
Hume Pistol Club, Albury 2640
Contact: Brendon Murray

Email Hume Pistol Club
Holsworthy Military Rifle Club, Maroubra 2035
Contact: Jim Thornley
Phone: 0293491333
Email Holsworthy Military Rifle Club
Cowra Cowboys, Cowra 2794
Phone: 0263423385
Glen Gallic Shooting Club, Denman 2328
Phone: 0265472967
Griffith Pistol Club, Griffith 2587
Contact: Ian Blackburn
Phone: 0269623161
Email Griffith Pistol Club
Guyra Pistol & Small Bore Club, Guyra 2365
Contact: Doug
Phone: 0267791044
Email Guyra Pistol & Small Bore Club
Bellingen Pistol Club, Bellingen 2454
Contact: Hugh
Phone: 0266554271
Email Bellingen Pistol Club

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