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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Soccer/Football clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Eschol Park Soccer Club, Eschol Park 2560
Contact: Narelle Steck
Phone: 0416 200089
Email Eschol Park Soccer Club
Wollongong Soccer Club, Wollongong 2500
Contact: Jock Morlando
Phone: 0242263988
Email Wollongong Soccer Club
Mounties Federation Soccer Club, Wetherill Park 2164
Contact: Jamie Towle
Phone: 0298223555 Mobile: 0430 158 759
Email Mounties Federation Soccer Club
Schofield Scorpions Soccer Club, Blacktown 2148
Contact: Mario Bezzina
Mobile: 0413 632 727
Email Schofield Scorpions Soccer Club
Spirit Soccer Club, Macquarie Park 2113
Contact: Nicole Tindale
Phone: 0298872116
Email Spirit Soccer Club
UNSW Soccer Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Robert Devey

Email UNSW Soccer Club
Inter Lions Soccer Club, Canterbury 2193
Contact: Santino Grieco
Mobile: 0417445794
Email Inter Lions Soccer Club
Hurstville Glory Soccer Club, Hurstville 2220
Contact: Steve Iacono
Mobile: 0410503729
Email Hurstville Glory Soccer Club
Blacktown Spartans Soccer Club, Blacktown 2148
Contact: Dane Sim
Mobile: 0419 980623
Email Blacktown Spartans Soccer Club
Dulwich Hill Soccer Club, Dulwich Hill 2203
Contact: John Ferreira
Mobile: 0412076212
Email Dulwich Hill Soccer Club
Hills Brumbies Soccer Club, Rouse Hill 2155
Contact: Nick Rassios
Mobile: 0402 549 557
Email Hills Brumbies Soccer Club
Hurstville City Minotaurs Soccer Club, Hurstville 2220
Contact: James Jordan
Phone: 02 9553 9166 Mobile: 0419 401 783
Email Hurstville City Minotaurs Soccer Club
Balmain and District Football Club, Balmain 2041
Contact: Richard Klipin
Mobile: 0412 127 834
Email Balmain and District Football Club
Bathurst 75 Soccer Club, Bathurst 2795
Contact: Bruce Rooke
Phone: 02 6332 3175 Mobile: 0438603136
Email Bathurst 75 Soccer Club
Bonnyrigg Soccer Club, Green Valley 2168
Contact: Rad Blagojevic
Mobile: 0407925134
Email Bonnyrigg Soccer Club
Bossley Sports Soccer Club, Horsley Park 2164
Contact: Silvo Pahor
Mobile: 0409466798
Email Bossley Sports Soccer Club
Canley Heights Soccer Club, Fairfield 2165
Contact: Kevin Todd
Phone: 0287045067 Mobile: 0409920554
Email Canley Heights Soccer Club
Fairfield Bulls Soccer Club, Fairfield 2165
Contact: Mirza Joseph
Phone: 0430 158 761 Mobile: 0417 250 712
Email Fairfield Bulls Soccer Club
Hakoah Soccer Club, Bondi 2026
Contact: Michael Vasin
Phone: 0291303344
Email Hakoah Soccer Club
Bringelly Soccer Club, Bringelly 2556
Contact: Danny Moustafa
Phone: 47749594 Mobile: 0410009234
Email Bringelly Soccer Club
AC United Soccer Club, Wetherill Park 2164
Contact: Tina Whittle
Mobile: 0430089166
Email AC United Soccer Club
Gladesville Ryde Magic Soccer Club, Gladesville 2111
Contact: George Ganiatsas
Mobile: 0412305800
Email Gladesville Ryde Magic Soccer Club
Luddenham United Soccer Club, Luddenham 2745
Contact: Vilimir Dudaric
Phone: 0298235006 Mobile: 0408969341
Email Luddenham United Soccer Club
Springwood Soccer Club, Springwood 2777
Contact: Damon Dreves
Mobile: 0425 348 990
Email Springwood Soccer Club
Camden Tigers Soccer Club, Camden 2570
Contact: Cheryl Wright
Phone: 02 4655 2336 Mobile: 0450 140 440
Email Camden Tigers Soccer Club
St. George Soccer Club, Kogarah 2217
Contact: Spiro Parameritis
Mobile: 0402322999
Email St. George Soccer Club
PCYC Parramatta Eagles Soccer Club, Parramatta 2123
Contact: Osman Jebara
Phone: 0297387222
Email PCYC Parramatta Eagles Soccer Club
Nelson Bay Football Club, Nelson Bay 2315
Contact: Emma Brown
Phone: 0432766667
Email Nelson Bay Football Club
Mazenod United Football Club, Mulgrave 3170
Contact: Daniel Paone
Phone: 0401 772 004
Email Mazenod United Football Club
Greenvale United Soccer Club, Greenvale 3059
Contact: Sue Mina
Phone: 0402837116
Email Greenvale United Soccer Club
Box Hill United, Box Hill 3128
Contact: Bill Mihaloudis
Phone: 0419548442
Email Box Hill United
Mittagong Soccer Club Inc, Mittagong 2575
Contact: Greg Duffy
Phone: 4871 2473
Email Mittagong Soccer Club Inc
Patris Soccer Club Inc, Colo Vale 2575
Contact: Bill Mihalis
Phone: 4869 1947
Email Patris Soccer Club Inc
Gib Gate School Soccer, Mittagong 2575
Contact: Michael Standen
Phone: 0430 198 037
Email Gib Gate School Soccer
Hilltop Soccer Club Inc, Hilltop 2575
Contact: Matthew Lacey
Phone: 4889 8850
Email Hilltop Soccer Club Inc
Lismore Workers FC, Lismore 2480
Contact: Zac Crowley
Phone: 6621 6866
Email Lismore Workers FC
Albion Park Cows FC, Albion Park 2527
Contact: Cows FC
Phone: 42558612
Email Albion Park Cows FC
Blacktown Workers Club, Blacktown 2148
Contact: Brett Fielding
Phone: 0298300600 Mobile: 0409 681 317
Email Blacktown Workers Club
Bankstown City Soccer Club, Bankstown 2200
Contact: Mendo Petkovski
Mobile: 0412171573
Email Bankstown City Soccer Club
Bossy Liverpool Soccer Club, Liverpool 2170
Contact: Adnan Halilovic
Mobile: 0410468316
Email Bossy Liverpool Soccer Club
Fraser Park Soccer Club, Marickville 2204
Contact: John Macy
Phone: 029550 6344
Email Fraser Park Soccer Club
Granville Rage Soccer Club, Granville 2142
Contact: Vic Zappia
Mobile: 0418234768
Email Granville Rage Soccer Club
Mt. Druitt Town Soccer Club, Mt Druitt 2770
Contact: Greg Dobbie
Mobile: 0417 761 741
Email Mt. Druitt Town Soccer Club
Fairfield City Lions Soccer Club, Fairfield 2165
Contact: Hamit Eminov
Mobile: 0414680341
Email Fairfield City Lions Soccer Club
West Sydney Berries Soccer Club, Penrith 2750
Contact: Terry Wilkinson
Mobile: 0403 217 641
Email West Sydney Berries Soccer Club
Blacktown City Demons Soccer Club, Seven Hills 2147
Contact: Ken Schembri
Phone: 02 9624 3344 Mobile: 0410664884
Email Blacktown City Demons Soccer Club
Manly United Soccer Club, Manly 2095
Contact: Malcolm Hill
Phone: 029982 6228
Email Manly United Soccer Club
Marconi Stallions Soccer Club, Bossley 2176
Contact: Tony Campolongo
Phone: 02 9822 3333
Email Marconi Stallions Soccer Club
Penrith Nepean United Soccer Club, Penrith 2750
Contact: Erris Shiels

Email Penrith Nepean United Soccer Club
Rockdale City Suns Soccer Club, Rockdale 2216
Contact: Zak Agioski
Phone: 02 95675067 Mobile: 0415 896 000

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