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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Squash clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Winston Hills Squash Centre, Winston Hills 2153
Phone: 0296744603
Windsor Squash Centre, Windsor 2756
Phone: 0245772256
Bathurst Squash Centre, Bathurst 2795
Contact: peter chard
Phone: 0263314725
Email Bathurst Squash Centre
Bega RSL Squash Centre, Bega 2550
Contact: Nigel Gottas
Phone: 0264921570
Email Bega RSL Squash Centre
Big River Squash Centre, Grafton 2460
Contact: Tracey Gray
Phone: 0266426633
Email Big River Squash Centre
Willoughby Squash Centre, Willoughby 2068
Phone: 0299581399
Werrington Squash Centre, Werrington 2747
Phone: 0296732434
Sharks Squash Centre, Cronulla 2230
Phone: 0295230222
Springwood Squash Centre, Springwood 2777
Phone: 0410517438
Thornleigh Squash Centre, Thornleigh 2120
Phone: 0299802655
University of NSW Squash Centre, Kensington 2033
Phone: 0293854881
Canowindra Squash Centre, Canowindra 2804
Phone: 0263441993
Cobar Squash Centre, Cobar 2835
Phone: 0241928510
Moruya Squash Centre, Moruya 2537
Phone: 0244742420
Dubbo Squash Centre, Dubbo 2830
Contact: Robyn tozer
Phone: 0268841777
Email Dubbo Squash Centre
Old Bar Squash Centre, Old Bar Beach 2430
Phone: 0265537401
Rylstone Squash Centre, Kandos 2848
Phone: 0263791444
Temora Squash Centre, Temora 2666
Phone: 0269771230
Denman Indoor Squash Centre, Denman 2328
Phone: 0265472505
Dapto Leagues Squash Centre, Dapto 2350
Contact: Tony Bullman
Phone: 0242612872
Email Dapto Leagues Squash Centre
Coffs Harbour Squash Centre, Coffs Harbour 2450
Contact: Peter Saxby
Phone: 026653 6523
Email Coffs Harbour Squash Centre
Condobolin Squash Centre, Condobolin 2811
Phone: 0268952122
Cootamundra Squash Centre, Cootamundra 2590
Phone: 0269422576
Crookwell Squash Centre, Crookwell 2583
Phone: 0248321355
Round Corner Squash Club, Round Corner 2158
Contact: Mahammod Alkhub
Phone: 0293518111
Email Round Corner Squash Club
Roselands Squash Centre, Roselands 2196
Contact: Adam Losgos
Phone: 0297504044
Email Roselands Squash Centre
Concord Squash Centre, Concord 2137
Phone: 0297434747
Catholic Squash Centre, Sydney 2000
Contact: Michael Paine
Phone: 0292831826
Email Catholic Squash Centre
Courtsportz Squash Centre, Dee Why 2099
Contact: -
Phone: 0299714233
Email Courtsportz Squash Centre
Dural Squash Centre, Dural 2158
Phone: 0296512511
Elanora Squash Centre, Elanora Heights 2101
Contact: Sue Doherty
Phone: 0299139003
Email Elanora Squash Centre
Caringbah Squash Centre, Caringbah 2229
Phone: 0295248280
Bulldogs Squash Centre, Belmore 2192
Contact: Dolor Robertson
Phone: 02 9771 2660
Email Bulldogs Squash Centre
Ambarvale Squash Centre, Ambarvale 2694
Contact: David Morris
Phone: 0246263033
Email Ambarvale Squash Centre
Bankstown RSL Squash Centre, Bankstown 2200
Contact: grant haywood
Phone: 0297094711
Email Bankstown RSL Squash Centre
Bodyhealth Squash Centre, Oatley 2223
Phone: 0295808855
Bondi-Waverley Squash Centre, Bondi Junction 2022
Contact: Bob Armstrong
Phone: 0293871452
Email Bondi-Waverley Squash Centre
Engadine Squash Centre, Engadine 2233
Phone: 0295209938
Fairfield Squash Centre, Fairfield 2165
Phone: 0297542078
Panthers Squash Centre, Leonay 2750
Phone: 0291537224
Powerhouse Squash Centre, Manly 2100
Contact: Barry Rag
Phone: 0293854881
Email Powerhouse Squash Centre
Premier Squash Centre, Rooty Hill 2766
Phone: 0296985791
President Squash Centre, Caringbah 2229
Phone: 0295259654
North Shore Squash Centre, Lane Cove 2066
Contact: Greg Vurton
Phone: 02 9427 6001
Email North Shore Squash Centre
Macquarie University Squash Centre, Macquarie 2109
Phone: 0298507636
Georges Hall Squash Centre, Georges Hall 2198
Phone: 0297241870
Heros Hill Squash Centre, Revesby 2212
Phone: 0297744483
Hiscoes Squash Centre, Surry hills 2010
Phone: 0296993233
Maash Squash Centre, Marsfield 2122
Contact: Jason Mclauchlan
Phone: 02 9868 1200
Email Maash Squash Centre
Ador Squash Centre, Rockdale 2216
Contact: Hassan Kassira
Phone: 0295972694
Email Ador Squash Centre

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