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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Surf Riding clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

North Narrabeen Boardriders Club, Narrabeen 2101
Contact: Wade Lazich
Phone: 0299440552 Mobile: 0414828089
Email North Narrabeen Boardriders Club
North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club Junior Boardriders, Cronulla 2230
Contact: David Charles
Phone: 0295235846 Mobile: 0401771386
Email North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club Junior Boardriders
North Steyne Boardriders Club, Manly 2095
Contact: Adam Hennessey
Mobile: 0415642782
Email North Steyne Boardriders Club
Northern Beaches Women Boardriders Club, Manly 2095
Contact: Carmel McGrath
Phone: 0403 090 701 Mobile: 0414917708
Email Northern Beaches Women Boardriders Club
Novo Kneeboard Club, Hamilton 2293
Phone: 0249613946
Email Novo Kneeboard Club
Norah Head Surfing Fraternity Club, Budgewoi 2262
Contact: Wes Newman
Phone: 0243909480 Mobile: 0439903565
Email Norah Head Surfing Fraternity Club
Newport Plus Boardriders Club, Newport 2106
Contact: Glenn Barnes
Mobile: 0412638846
Email Newport Plus Boardriders Club
LE-BA Boradriders Club, Lennox Head 2478
Contact: Rod Steels
Mobile: 0438668674
Email LE-BA Boradriders Club
Long Reef Boardriders Association, Oxford Falls 2100
Contact: Michael Wood
Mobile: 0411257224
Email Long Reef Boardriders Association
Manyana Boardriders Club, Manyana 2539
Contact: Patti Bartlett
Phone: 0244561394
Email Manyana Boardriders Club
Mid North Coast Girls Surfriders Club, Bonny Hills 2443
Contact: Robyn
Phone: 0265597143
Email Mid North Coast Girls Surfriders Club
One Tree Point Boardriders Club, Tuross Head 2537
Contact: Greg Woodford
Phone: 0244739187
Email One Tree Point Boardriders Club
Port Kembla Boardriders Club, Port Kembla 2505
Mobile: 0401518698
Email Port Kembla Boardriders Club
South Newcastle Boardriders Club, Newcastle 2300
Contact: Anthony Kelly
Phone: 0418 229 396 Mobile: 0418229396
Email South Newcastle Boardriders Club
South Coast Bodyboarding Club, Wollongong 2500
Contact: Wayne Holt
Mobile: 0410659453
Email South Coast Bodyboarding Club
Southend Boardriders Club Maroubra, Maroubra 2035
Contact: Pete Sgouras
Phone: 0293497055 Mobile: 0414871106
Email Southend Boardriders Club Maroubra
Trimmin Women Boardriders Club, Belmont 2280
Contact: Michelle
Mobile: 0427450310
Email Trimmin Women Boardriders Club
Ulladulla Boardriders Club, Ulladulla 2539
Phone: 0244540981
Email Ulladulla Boardriders Club
Shelly Beach Malibu Club, Shelley Beach 2261
Phone: 0243327373
Scotts Head Boardriders Club, Scotts Head 2447
Contact: John Schmidt
Phone: 0265698008
Email Scotts Head Boardriders Club
Port Macquarie Surfboard Riders Club, Port Macquarie 2444
Contact: Terry Randall
Mobile: 0428422419
Email Port Macquarie Surfboard Riders Club
Sandshoes Boardriders Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: John Hvass
Phone: 0295230874
Email Sandshoes Boardriders Club
Sapphire Boardriders Club, Merimbula 2548
Contact: Rob Tweedie
Mobile: 0417929079
Email Sapphire Boardriders Club
Sawtell Boardriders Club, Sawtell 2452
Contact: Sue Duffus
Phone: 93497055 Mobile: 0458247212
Email Sawtell Boardriders Club
Kingscliff Boardriders Club, Kingscliff 2487
Contact: Peter Avery
Phone: 0266742664
Email Kingscliff Boardriders Club
Jones Beach Boardriders Club, Kiama Downs 2533
Contact: David Wynn
Phone: 0242378111
Email Jones Beach Boardriders Club
Bondi Girls Surfriders Club, Bondi 2026
Contact: Madeleine MacMahon
Mobile: 0419626470
Email Bondi Girls Surfriders Club
Bondi Boardriders Club, Bondi 2026
Contact: Beau Sevastos
Mobile: 0418242155
Email Bondi Boardriders Club
Boomerang Beach Boardriders Club, Forster 2428
Contact: Mick Schumann
Phone: 0265529022
Email Boomerang Beach Boardriders Club
Broulee Boardriders Club, Broulee 2537
Phone: 0244724999
Brunswick Boardriders Club, Brunswick 2483
Contact: Tahi Cody-Ward
Mobile: 0411432250
Email Brunswick Boardriders Club
Black Rock Wreck Bay Boardriders Club, Nowra 2541
Mobile: 0406368605
Email Black Rock Wreck Bay Boardriders Club
Bermagui Boardriders Association, Bermagui 2546
Mobile: 0413061184
Email Bermagui Boardriders Association
Angourie Boardriders Association, Angourie 2464
Contact: Chris Jennings
Phone: 0026676568
Email Angourie Boardriders Association
Avoca Boardriders Club, Avoca 2577
Contact: Grant Fuller
Phone: 0243826136 Mobile: 0415880204
Email Avoca Boardriders Club
Bar Reef Boardriders Club, Hamilton 2303
Contact: Phillip
Mobile: 0437371644
Email Bar Reef Boardriders Club
Bay Area Boardriders Club, Nelson Bay 2315
Contact: Rob Assley
Mobile: 0432663711
Email Bay Area Boardriders Club
Byron Bay Boardriders Club, Byron Bay 2481
Contact: Lloyd Lawton
Phone: 0403229433 Mobile: 0403229433
Email Byron Bay Boardriders Club
Cabarita Boardriders Club, Cabarita 2488
Contact: Anthony Fredericks
Phone: 0266760400
Email Cabarita Boardriders Club
Forresters Beach Boardriders Club, Wamberal 2260
Contact: Glenn Brady
Mobile: 0405440755
Email Forresters Beach Boardriders Club
Garie Boardriders Club, Engadine 2233
Contact: Brett Daintry
Mobile: 0408463714
Email Garie Boardriders Club
Hallidays Point Boardriders Club, Halidays Point 2430
Contact: Mark Brownfield
Phone: 0265593590
Email Hallidays Point Boardriders Club
Head Boardriders Club, Shoalhaven Heads 2535
Contact: Mick Morgan
Phone: 0244214108
Email Head Boardriders Club
Curl Curl United Boardriders Association, Curl Curl 2096
Contact: Paul Muntan
Mobile: 0414210222
Email Curl Curl United Boardriders Association
Cronulla Christian Surfers Club, Wolloware 2230
Contact: Michael Crisp
Phone: 0295441767 Mobile: 0421345999
Email Cronulla Christian Surfers Club
Camden Haven Junior Boardriders Club, Laurieton 2443
Contact: Rob Schouten
Phone: 65855090
Email Camden Haven Junior Boardriders Club
Catherine Hill Bay Boardriders Club, Nords Warf 2281
Phone: 0249725252
Email Catherine Hill Bay Boardriders Club
Central Coast Women in the Waves Boardriding Club, Avoca 2577
Contact: Debbie Luckie
Phone: 0243588795
Email Central Coast Women in the Waves Boardriding Club
Crescent Head Boardriders Club, Cresent Head 2440
Contact: Troy Baker
Phone: 0265627362 Mobile: 0427622362
Email Crescent Head Boardriders Club
All Girls Surf Showdown, Lennox Head 2478
Contact: Marg Bryant
Mobile: 0437867139
Email All Girls Surf Showdown

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